One of the decisions that most importance is given to future brides is the choice of jewelry that they will wear on their wedding day. After choosing the wedding bands with which they will seal their eternal love, the choice of bridal earring gold design is usually placed in the next priority.

It may seem a simple task, which is taken only having the taste of the bride herself. But the key to the resounding success lies in knowing how to combine them with the style of the bride, with the dress, with her hairstyle and with the headdress or veil, in the case that it is worn.

Tips to choose the perfect bridal earrings

To be successful with bridal earring gold design with price, we must take into account the shape and neckline of the bridal gown, as well as the accessories that are placed on the head, the hairstyle and even the shape of the face.

The choice of earrings depending on the dress:

  • If your dress is a word of honor you can wear large earrings and long earrings.
  • If your dress is rather ornate, with inlays and jewels, we recommend opting for minimalist and small size earrings.
  • For dresses that reign simplicity and elegance, the earrings with a touch of color are perfect, as they will bring light and sophistication to the bridal style.
  • The diamond earrings are usually the most flattering and the most chosen by brides, as they will illuminate the face of the bride.
  • Pearl earrings are also a great option.

The choice of earrings depending on the hairstyle:

  • It is not recommended to wear long earrings if you plan to choose a wreath or some other bulky accessory on the head.
  • For brides with gathered or semi-picked, long earrings are a great option.
  • For brides who want to wear their hair loose, we recommend that they opt for medium designs or that they do not hang too much, as the hair can easily get tangled.

The choice of earrings depending on the shape of the face and neck:

  • If you have a rounded face, small designs will favor you.
  • If, on the other hand, you have a long face, long designs will favor and enhance your features.
  • Women with long thin necks can opt for extra long slopes or large criollas.
  • And if you are rather short and have a short neck, a perfect choice will be some small earrings.