Why are Dogs Such Good Pets?

If you have always wanted a dog but your partner is convinced that it is a good idea, you can create a list of reasons why dogs make great pets. And let’s be honest, there are plenty to choose from. After all, these furry canines will love you unconditionally and will melt your heart. But below are a few more reasons that you can use to strengthen your case.

Dogs Love Exercise

If you are ever looking for a reason to get out of the house and get some exercise, having a dog is it. Dogs enjoy being outdoors, and they love to run about. As well as going for walks, they love to run alongside you, and will even accompany you on a bike ride if you want. The folk at Voyager Harness tell us that investing in a step-in harness for dogs and a leash is all you need to get started. You can then train your dog to walk or run with you, allowing you to both get some exercise.

Dogs Prevent Loneliness and Isolation

Dog owners are far less lonely than those who do not have an animal companion. Even when people cannot be around, a dog will be there to provide cuddles and love. So, when one partner is away from home, the other will not ever be lonely because they will have their canine buddy to keep them company.

Dogs Can Prepare You for Parenthood

Dogs, or rather puppies, are a terrific way for people to prepare for parenthood. Looking after a puppy is hard work and gives you an idea of how you might cope should you decide to have children. You will learn that you need to think about your dog as well as yourself and will need to make plans for his care if you are going out for the day or night. You will also have to make sure that your pup is well cared for and healthy. All of this is great practice for when babies arrive.

Dogs are Loyal

Dogs will love and protect their owners; if trained properly, they will be there for your children too. They love to please their people, and they have a natural instinct to protect their pack. They will also bark when strangers approach the house, which will potentially ward off intruders, keeping you and your family safer.

Dogs Make You Calmer

Studies have shown that dogs can relieve stress and make us feel calmer. This is why dogs are often used as therapy dogs for people with mental health problems. Just ten minutes of petting a dog can significantly reduce cortisol levels, which lowers blood pressure and heart rate and causes muscles to relax.

Dogs Can Make You More Social

If you are hoping to meet friends in a new neighborhood, having a dog will certainly help you to do this. People with dogs tend to speak to other people with dogs because the two animals will almost certainly interact with each other. People love dogs, and even those who don’t have them will stop to ask you about your dog and pet him. This will give you the chance to strike up conversations and make new friends.


There are many reasons why dogs make such great pets. So, whether you are trying to convince your partner or parent that having a dog is a great idea, the above will go some way of helping you to do this. Why not make a PowerPoint presentation with lots of pictures of cuddly dogs to go along with it!