Your Guide To Purchasing a Complete Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Billions upon billions of people around the world rely on prescription eyeglasses to help them navigate through life. Whether one has the need to wear them on a constant basis, or just occasionally while performing certain tasks such as driving, when you need them, there is no getting around it. However, the bill that is often left with after the entire process of getting glasses can drive one to tears. Even with optical insurance, sometimes the prices can still be absolutely outrageous!

There are several costs associated with getting a complete pair of eyeglasses. Not only does the exam cost, but add-on’s cost as well. Different tests such as a test to determine whether or not one has or is susceptible to glaucoma will lead to a more expensive exam. Many people have been under the assumption that the glasses come as a whole but that is untrue. The frames are a separate price from the lenses. Now when it comes to the lenses, oftentimes the price doesn’t seem that bad at all, that is until they run the details by you. Most prescription eyeglass companies offer the absolute basic of lenses which scratches very easily and are so thick that when people look you directly in the face your pupils look three times as large. In order to get more slim lenses that are scratch resistant, the price is going to shoot up even higher. We’re not even going to discuss the price of whether you want a tint in your lenses.

The advancements of modern technology have provided us with an abundance of options, including the ability to shop on the internet for a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses. According to Forbes, you would still need to go to an optometrist to get an eye exam, then take that prescription and upload the details, including your measurements, online. The prescription does need to be within the last twelve months. Measurements such as ear to ear, and your pupillary distance, which is the distance between your pupils are the determining factors for what style and size glasses will best suit you. Sites such as shop rx eyeglasses online | Felix Gray will even recommend different styles and sizes of glasses that will compliment your face shape the most. On some sites, you can actually upload a head on picture of yourself so that you can virtually try on different frames to help guide you in your decision making.

So, don’t be afraid to take a chance. You have nothing to lose because keep in mind, most places have a return policy if it turns out that you are not quite satisfied. But as an added measure, feel free to contact their customer service department so that they can assist you with any questions that you may have or advice that you may need in making your decision. I’m sure that we have all experienced walking into even the most popular, nationally known prescription eyeglass places just to find an extremely limited selection of frames. Sometimes you just aren’t able to find a pair that is quite right for your face shape or personal style. Then, you end up driving all around town to different eyeglass stores thinking that you will eventually run across some diverse selections, just to come to the realization that everyone pretty much carries the same selections. So, what do you do? You end up settling for the one that you dislike the least. Listen, those days are long gone! The great part about it is that there is an abundance of styles for men, women, and children! Your whole family will be decked out in some new specs. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose!