Why choose the IQOS cigarette

IQOS is the most significant tobacco breakthrough in recent history. Are you ready to quit smoking? It’s time for you to stop smoking. Find out about IQOS, the revolutionary tobacco technology that you can switch to.

The IQOS is smoke-free and produces only vapor.

It is high time you, and your friends, had a better experience with tobacco. IQOS does not have any impact on the quality of indoor air. IQOS leaves fewer stenches than regular cigarettes and leaves fewer stains on furniture and curtains than cigarette smoke. This is because IQOS’ aerosols/vapors are less persistent than cigarette smoke.

IQOS is always with you, no matter where you may be. IQOS heats in a matter of seconds and shuts itself down when you are done. It’s as simple as that!

Why heating is better

Technology is indispensable. It has made our lives better over time. It has changed our way of living, working, communicating, and traveling. To create a better alternative to smoking, we have combined science and technology.

IQOS allows adult smokers to enjoy tobacco in a more enjoyable way than they would otherwise.

IQOS heats tobacco rather than burning it. There’s a reason why IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it. The IQOS Heat Control(TM), which prevents tobacco burning, reduces the concentration and number of harmful chemicals compared with cigarette smoke.

The IQOS heat technology

A lit cigarette’s tobacco burns at around 600 degrees Celsius. The combustion process releases smoke and ash. The temperature of the burned ash cone increases to 800°C when a smoker puffs.

Cigarette smoke is a complex mixture of more than 6000 chemicals. Public health authorities have linked about 100 chemicals to smoking-related illnesses.

The IQOS Heat Control(TM), technology heats tobacco at a lower temperature, below 350 degrees C. This prevents ignition. IQOS doesn’t produce smoke because there isn’t ignition. IQOS produces tobacco vapor with 95% less harmful chemicals than cigarettes.

Important Information: This does NOT necessarily mean that there is a 95% reduction in risk. IQOS comes with risks.

Tobacco Vapor vs. Smoke

IQOS Tobacco vapor is safer than cigarette smoking. IQOS conducted extensive studies: 10 clinical trials of aerosol compounds and data from 18 other non-clinical studies.

IQOS emits fewer toxic chemicals than regular cigarettes

Cigarettes use tobacco to produce high levels of carbon monoxide. IQOS doesn’t burn tobacco and produces 98% less carbon monoxide (CO), and significantly lower levels than cigarette smoke.

Important Information: This does NOT necessarily mean that there is a 98% reduction in risk. IQOS comes with risks. It has nicotine, which can be addictive.

What Kinds of IQOS Are There Different Kinds?

IQOS, a revolutionary product for heated tobacco products, provides a comparable smoking experience. IQOS allows you to experience real smoke without the need for fire, ash, and smoke.

The IQOS system includes a tobacco vaporizer. It heats tobacco to a lower degree than a normal cigarette. The vapor created by the heating of tobacco is inhaled but not burned.

The company claims the system reduces the risks of smoking, as it eliminates toxins and other carcinogens when tobacco is smoked.

The IQOS is comprised of three parts: the charger and flavor pods. The device looks like a pen and heats the pods without them burning. The device has two components. The first part of the device is the heating system. It uses a proprietary technology called “gliding filament” heating. A “filament,” or heating element, heats one set of specially designed tobacco pods by pushing a button. The second piece is an Airflow Sensor that monitors and controls the airflow of the device. This allows for consistent nicotine delivery.

IQOS has nicotine hit almost identical to that of smoking. It delivers a smooth taste, smooth mouth hit, and tactile sensation without tobacco smoke or harmful substances, such as carbon monoxide or tar. This makes it easy for people to quit smoking.  Get IQOS Device and Heets tobacco Online from sticks.Sale

IQOS has three types:

This product is similar to a cigarette and has a sleek design. There are a wide variety of flavors available.

You can now enjoy the same great taste and experience of IQOS on your desktop or at work with this desktop device.

An interactive, connected device that allows users to experience the same delicious taste of IQOS wherever they are using Bluetooth technology

The major components used in IQOS products were selected based on safety in use and heat resistance. It has passed the assessment of the competent authority.

It is an innovative product that can be used to replace cigarettes or as an alternative to e-cigarettes. The IQOS HEETS serves as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and helps smokers quit. It is a good idea.